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NOTICES :   we may be able to add a 'banner' type Notice
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adv ≈ advance
aka ≈ also known as
avail ≈ available
ave ≈ avenue
B&L ≈ Ballroom/Latin
bkg ≈ booking/reserve
byo ≈ bring your own
CH ≈ church hall
comm ≈ community
d.o. ≈ doors open
foc ≈ free of charge
iao ≈ in aid of
inc ≈ including
LFT ≈ COVID-19        
Lateral  Flow  Test
 MJ ≈ Modern Jive
  nr ≈ near
opp ≈ opposite
otd ≈ on the door
pls ≈ please
res ≈ resident
RnR ≈ Rock & Roll
RnB ≈ Rhythm & Blues  
tba ≈ to be advised
tbc ≈ to be confirmed
tkts ≈ tickets
VH ≈ village hall
w/s ≈ workshop


ƒς ≈ FB Group

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